Offline pages

I want to create a page that must work offline after it is loaded.

I’ve a card game. I want the game to be continued if there is a network failure.
But i get a “communication problem” error every time. I tried setImmediate(false), but it didn’t work.

Vaadin is a server-side framework, so sooner or later it will need to send an event to the server-side. So,mostly it will not work in offline mode, raising you “communication error” messages.

What you can do is to create your widget(s), where the client side will postpone sending messages to the server or will send them on a rare basis.

I’ve created a Vaadin Widget which extends Flow Panel.
wherever I’m calling updateVariable I’m setting immeduate to false. updateVariable(paintableId, var, value, false)

What can be the possible mistake that I’m doing?

If I understood your problem correctly, note that setImmediate(false) does not guarantee anything about how late updates are sent. The next immediate update from any component will trigger sending all queued non-immediate changes.