Offline -> Online


I have vaadin application that started
. At some point I’ll
go online

Is the any way to tell server-side vaadin to create new session
without refreshing the page


Are you developing a TouchKit application?


Then a new session will be created automatically as soon as the connection is recognized by TouchKit.

What kind of issue do you experience? Please also state Vaadin and TouchKit versions.

whant I expect id that when going
Offline → Online
, user will
state on current screen

what happend is that the current screen is replaced by gray screen.

vaadin.version: 7.3.3
vaadin-touchkit.version: 4.0.0

Thanks for any help

Hi Tomas,

Have you created an online UI at all? There will be none by default, maybe that’s why you have blank screen.

Please take a look at this page:
Offline mode for TouchKit 4 mobile apps

Let me know if you have further questions.

Hi Michael,

thank you for the reply. Ok I added gui to my UI class and now when going Offline->Online the gui is shown, BUT that is not exactly what I whant.

Please imagine situation:
I am Offline and I am filling form and suddently I go Online - the gui is refreshed and I lost all my work.

I took a look at the
vornitologist demo
and this is exactly what I want. But this demo uses older version of touchkit
In my app
OfflineModeEntrypoint.goOnline(ActivationReason reason)
is called when Offline->Online which is refreshing the GUI. Can I somehow stop this calling?