Odd symbol in the 6.6.3 sources

During the packaging of the Vaadin 6.6.3, we found this:

 Compiling widgetset com.vaadin.demo.gwt.OptimizedWidgetSet. Output directory: build/result/vaadin-6.6.3.dev-20110712/WebContent/VAADIN/widgetsets
 Compiling module com.vaadin.demo.gwt.OptimizedWidgetSet
    Validating newly compiled units
 Errors in 'file:/usr/src/packages/BUILD/vaadin-6.6.3/build/result/src/core/com/vaadin/terminal/gwt/client/CSSRule.java'
 Line 87: syntax error
 >     if(r.type == 1 ||??sheet.imports) {
 > ----------------------^

The source indeed contains some strange symbol. I deleted it replacing with a space and problem gone.


ticket #7256
and fixed (replaced non-breaking space with a normal space character).

looks like this is also in 6.6.2 (release). Maybe it is a good idea to grep/sed it everywhere? :glare:

It has been in every release since May 2010, and has not caused problems until now. Apparently the latest GWT compiler does not treat a non-breaking space as a normal space.

It was the only occurrence of this character, and will not be there in 6.6.3.

Well, at least we know that Google is fixing their bugsā€¦ :grin: