is brilliant work, I love it!

But I noticed in the Chrome console as I started integrating that it has a dependency on Object.observe, which is scheduled for removal soon. Are there any plans to replace that code with (say) code using Proxy, or should we use a shim like https://github.com/MaxArt2501/object-observe?

Many thanks for a beautifully designed component!

Hi, and thanks for the nice feedback!

Here’s the relevant issue for this:

As you can read from there, we already use a polyfill for this, and Chrome will continue to work after they remove this API.

Many thanks! I should’ve looked in GitHub first – I’ll make sure to do that before I post again :slight_smile:

No worries. It’s just that this forum software that we use doesn’t send us notifications that often, so it might take a longer time to get a response in here than on GitHub or on the Gitter chat.