Notification disappearance

Hello ,

I have a problem with notifications. I need them to disappear without user interference i.e. the user keys in his key code (numerics only)
and presses enter. On success the Notification displays (“success mr. user”) or (“error on input”). I tried using Refresher addon but
Tomcat seems to need frequent restarts now. Is there some simple way to fake user input so the Notification will fade on delay without user
input ? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

In the
constructor, specify the type as

See the
humanized notification example
in the Vaadin Sampler for more info.

Also there is a delay that you can specify
Notification class
to control the disappearance timeout.

The humanized notification does not fade away
without user input
. You must move the mouse or hit a key for the fade-out timer to start. As far as I know, there is no way to do this with Vaadin notifications.


would make it possible to customize this yourself with minimal client side coding, but you could in any case
create an enhancement request
for this specific case - I have heard this request from someone else as well, but “as long as there is no ticket, there is no problem” applies as always.

Thanks all for your quick reply. I created an enhancement request as suggested. Hopefully it was done correctly as this was my first ticket -_-

Ticket #7344

Almost: Don’t assign tickets to yourself, unless you want to be the one implementing the ticket. :slight_smile:

I reassigned the ticket to
. That will leave Vaadin R&D to sort out who should own the ticket.

Thanks Marlon…lesson learned -_-

Is there any solution to this problem? Ticket was created almost 1 year ago and still all notifications in sampler won’t disappear unless one moves his mouse.

I also need the future (notification that will disappear on its own after the specified delay) of showing notification in no-user-input/limited-user-input application

Nothing done for
. The default behavior should not be changed in any case, but there could be an option for this.

On the other hand,
has been implemented so it should be possible to do this with some custom client side coding in your application by replacing VNotification using GWT deferred bindings.

Thank you for quick answer! I will try to use your suggestion, but it’s gonna be hard i feel :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand the default behavior is such so the user don’t miss any notification (if he is away for example), but there are
a lot
of possible applications, where there won’t be any user interaction at all, so IMHO such option (to activate delay after creation not after first user action from creation) is a must have.

5 Years later, the notification still doesn’t disappear without user action…