Not able to apply a new theme


I am a beginner with themes… and created a theme following the creating theme topic from book. as a result of wizard

in my web content folder a folder VAADIN/themes/sakshumTheme is created having a file styles.css

in this file i have at this moment:
@import url(…/reindeer/styles.css);
.v-textfield {
color: #FF0000;

in the application code i also got created setTheme(“sakshumTheme”); by the wizard automatically.

So now i m hoping to see text color of all the text boxes in the text field components of my app as Red (#FF0000)

but nothing is changed.

any help please on what i m missing?

Did you insert this into your web.xml?

VaadinApplication /VAADIN/*

Note: it’s different than (UPPERCASE):

VaadinApplication /vaadin/*

no i do not have… and i guess not required as well… my stuff finally worked… the problem was i was missing it in the vaadin configuration script and still mentioning the default theme. After changing it to correct name it worked.

It’s only necessary, if I’m not wrong, when you use default configuration, meaning, your app is still

I’m glad you managed to workaround.