Non-intuitive constructor parameter

The center parameter in
GoogleMap(Application application, Point2D.Double center, int zoom, String apiKey)
takes a lat/lon point but does not follow the convention of naming latitude first and then longitude. This seems to be mapping longitude( East-West) to the x-axis in Cartesian coordinates and latitude (N-S) to the y-axis. Since globe coordinates are not in the plane, this does not seem to be correct behaviour. Treating the Point2D should be treated as an ordered pair as you might when using (r, theta) without regard to the internal class field names seems more intuitive.

You’re right, the API of the component is far from perfect. Using Point2D.Double was a bad idea, and it’s one of the things I intend to fix when I find the time. I also would be more than happy to receive patches :slight_smile: