Non english window caption


I have an issue with window caption during application loading:
window title consists of english and russian parts, e.g. “english application name / russian page name”

When I accessing applciation I see “boxes” in browser title instead of russian title part, e.g. "english application name /


When application is completely loaded, russian characters appear instead of “boxes” ().
The bad thing is that browser remembers “boxed” title for url.

Does anyone see this issue before?
Maybe somebody have an idea how to solve it.

Also I would appreciate if somebody explain me how vaadin deals with client encoding.

UPDATE: I think this should be caused by source files encoding (I’m not using any localization yet), I will investigate this later. Anyway, any thoughts are welcome :slight_smile:


Yes, also seeing the same issue. Did not investigate this deeply as once page is reloaded, the title is recovered to readable characters. I suppose this is because page title loads at initial request and proper (utf-8) encoding is set after the client core is fully loaded, however I may be wrong. Probably the application servlet which serves initial data for application being loaded does not set utf-8 encoding ?

Thank you for good idea!

I’ve tried to look into vaadin servlet code: everything seems to be fine.
Even debugger shows title with russian characters correctly (before it goes to OutputStrem).
Browser encoding is also correctly set to UTF-8 (correct meta tag)

I was afraid that it is groovy related issue (I’m using vaadin with grails).
But, as I understand from your posts Dmitri, you are using plain java, so groovy isn’t guilty :slight_smile:

Source file encoding was the best issue candidate.
Now I don’t know what to dig next :frowning:

create a ticket

Yes, we do use plain java and Vaadin. As I recall, I’ve seen the same effect previously, but do not remember exactly where and when. Will try to play with it today.

what kind of window you’re talking about? The main browser native window or an emulation of window that Vaadin provides? At least, for me it works fine (see screenshot).

Please remember, that Java is capricious when you getting data from text files. So these should be some Unicode encoding, let’s say UTF-8 so and you should make sure you’re reading them and getting them as parsed Unicode, not 8-bit UTF-8 string encoding.

P.S. In fact, text does have a problem, but for that I am sorry for a typo… :*)

Bo, this is with the main window, e.g. effect visible in the main web browser’s title. Try setting the cyrillic title to the main window in its constructor - when you’ll be loading this application in a web browser, cyrillic title will be shown as squares or “???” for a second or so, then switch to normal characters once application is fully loaded.