No window found after rename a package

I have a problem with my Vaadin aplication, I have this structure on my proyect:

    • IcApplication
    • Login
    • IcWebtop

On the the class IcApplication is my vaadin application class, and on the package, all my vaadin windows, It was working fine, but then I change the package name from com.icreativa.widows to, and now my application doesnt work, It show me the next:

javax.servlet.ServletException: javax.servlet.ServletException: No window found. Did you remember to setMainWindow()?

but in debug mode, the application not even enter on IcApplication breakpoints I have, I have checked my web.xml, and eclipse not show anything is wrong, so what can be?, I tryed to return the names of the packages but the damage is done.

Im sorry my mistake I accidantly change the resource path of a file and I didnt notice. :*)