no visual designer for netbeans

no visual designer for netbeans,why?

The whole plugin for Netbeans is community driven, so it’s totally free to implement one :grin:

Seriousily, the whole visual designer is a work in progress also for other platforms, so I think the focus is primarily on making the official Vaadin-company developed Eclipse plugin work properly first. When the Eclipse plugin is considered complete there might be some considerations about other IDE’s too, but at the moment nothing is decided as far as I know.

Actually, the visual editor is now included in the stable Eclipse plugin (version 2.0 and later).

As for NetBeans support, I have discussed it in the past with Geertjan Wielenga from Oracle who also implemented the initial version of the NetBeans plugin. The Visual Designer has also been refactored to make it easier to integrate in other systems including NetBeans, but nobody in the community has taken the time to do so.

Geertjan did experiment on how to run a minimal application server in NetBeans (Jetty in that case as we have been using it, but could be GlassFish as well), and how to use a browser inside NetBeans. You can find the details about that in his blog. However, the code parsing and generation parts are not yet implemented.

ooh,im like the Netbeans IDE,but no visual designer for netbeans ide ,:frowning: