No vertical scrollbar in com.vaadin.ui.Table on iPad


I tried a little test application on an iPad and discovered a missing scrollbar in the com.vaadin.ui.Table. All major Windows PC browser do show the scrollbar.

Can I influence the visibility of that scrollbar or did I found a bug? I tried Vaadin 6.5.7 and 6.6.0 on an iPad 1 with IOS 4.3.3. Both Vaadin versions behave the same.

Any help is much appreciated


iOS never show any scrollbars until you actually start scrolling—and even then, the scrollbar is a very minimalist affair. Could it be that you simply haven’t noticed it? It definitely doesn’t look anything like the scrollbars on a Windows PC.

Unfortunately I don’t have any iPad around at the moment to be able to verify.


you’re right: scrollbars are only visible while you scroll on iOS. I just tried with 6.6.1 and now I can scroll my table.

But I don’t see a scrollbar while I’m scrolling! In addition, the scrolling is very “rough”. I mean the scrolling starts a bit delayed and is not smooth at all. Maybe that’s a problem of limited cpu power on the iPad.

I hope there will be improvements in the future, because our customers use iPads more and more…


If you want, you could
file a bug on it

Right, but if the vaadin team is already working on that matter, I would like to avoid unnecessary tickets.

Maybe someone else can shed some light on this.

By looking at the
tickets in our Trac
, you should be able to see what our R&D is working on. If it doesn’t have a ticket, then it’s unlikely that they are already working on it.

New ticket (
ticket 7196
) created.