No Production Bundle changes detected

Hey guys,

iam having problems with the production bundle.
We are using Vaadin 24.3.9 (latest atm) and Spring Boot 3.2.4.

When I change files in the frontend-Folder or in styles.css in the theme and start a production build, vaadin detects the change and builds the prod.bundle again → expected behavior.
In the styles.css file we have alot of css files that are imported. For example:

@import “styles/menuBar.css”;

Changes to the menuBar.css are not detected and therefore no new prod.bundle is build.

I could force the production build with the plugin configuration or by deleting the bundle, but I would like to know if that is a bug, my configuration is wrong or am I getting something wrong?

Best regards

Hi Marcus,

I was able to reproduce the issue locally with the latest Vaadin 24. To me it feels like a bug. As you said when there is a change in frontend/themes/mytheme/styles.css that is correctly detected:

Detected changed frontend files:
 - themes/mythem/styles.css

But the changes in the dependent css files such as main-layout.css are not detected and thus no new production bundle is created.

Please report the issue here: Issues · vaadin/flow · GitHub The issue seems to related to this Bundle is not rebuilt if you change files in the theme/components folder · Issue #16407 · vaadin/flow · GitHub which was fixed but does not seem to fix the issue with the css changes in the dependent css files.

I can reproduce it and this is a bug.
Note that this works fine in case if an application doesn’t have any JS/TS add-ons and may use the pre-compiled bundle provided by Vaadin.
In case of a custom compiled bundle, this doesn’t work indeed.
This deserves a ticket in Vaadin Flow Github repo.

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