No pointer (hand icon) when mouse over header when Table.HeaderClickListner

I’m implementing a Table.HeaderClickListener for my table header. But the pointer (hand icon) does not show when I put my mouse over the header.

I’ve sorting enabled on one of the headers (TimeStamp), and when I mouse over that header, I see the pointer (hand icon), but otherwise I see the arrow icon over the other header that have HeaderClickListener enabled on. I checked the HTML and I see that the header with sorting enabled has got CSS class v-table-header-cell. The other does not have it.

Can you tell me how I can make the hand icon visible when I move the my mouse over the header that has got Table.HeaderClickListener.


		<td style="width: 282px;" class="v-table-header-cell">
			<div class="v-table-resizer"></div>
			<div class="v-table-sort-indicator"></div>
			<div style="width: 269px;" class="v-table-caption-container">Timestamp</div>
		<td style="width: 372px;">
			<div class="v-table-resizer"></div>
			<div class="v-table-sort-indicator"></div>
			<div style="width: 359px;" class="v-table-caption-container"><img src="/OSSMonitoringTool/VAADIN/themes/ossmt/../runo/icons/16/folder.png" alt="icon" class="v-icon">Presentation Server</div>

You can add custom css to your table.
Table tab = new Table(…);

.onmousesys {
cursor: pointer;
cursor: hand;

This sets your Table’s default cursor.
You shoud do same for your header.
I dont know how to access Table Header Object.
Look Libraries little…