no manifest found in tpt-1.2.0.jar

Hi !

When trying to upload a new addon version, directory responds with “no manifest found in tpt-1.2.0.jar”. Coud anyone give me a glue what is wrong ? The zip addon structure seems to be in conformance with documents, both manifests are present and contains the same version number.

The failing addon is attached.

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Dmitri (743 KB)

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Hi Dmitri,

the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF does seem to be included in the JAR file. However, I would guess the problem is that it’s not the first entry in the JAR file.

Wikipedia page on
JAR file

The code that Directory uses to access the manifest uses standard Java library methods in a similar fashion as the code below:

JarInputStream jis = new JarInputStream(new FileInputStream(file));
Manifest manifest = jis.getManifest();

The code above actually results in the
variable being
if run with the tpt-1.2.0.jar found inside the zip archive.

This has at least caused some problems in the past. The “jar” program automatically puts the manifest as the first entry, but “zip” does not.

Teemu, Henri, thanks a lot !
Was offline for a while due to load but seems to be online now -)

Yep, I forgot all this jar troubles, thanks for pointing. Will repack using jar.

P.S. Actually, we’re using truezip for a long time for any zip/jar related operations and it is a great helper for hiding all low level stuff in comparison to built-in zip api.