no frontend refresh of an textfield after changing its value through a popu

Description: i programmed an editorwindow (textfields) to change values in a SQL Database (editorFields.bind(field, fieldName)). some textfields have a clicklistener to open up a popup window to chose an new entry for this field.

Problem: the textfield itself is not refreshed after changing its value through the popup, but the new value is in the database.

this is what i do in the getMinimizedValueAsHTML() method in the popupcontent

by the way, the getMinimizedValueAsHTML() is always called two times and i cant see why.

kind regards, gerfried

Ok, so you use a PopupView to let the user select the value for a TextField.

It’s difficult to say, based on the information you give, what could cause your problem that the TextField is not refreshed.

Writing the textfield value in the getMinimizedValueAsHTML() sounds really unusual and it could cause unexpected problems. It’s intended for rendering the minimized text, not for processing input done in the popup. Normally, you handle the user interaction in the popup by using some listener for the components in the popup. For example, if you have a ListSelect in the popup, you handle the user input with ValueChangeListener added to the ListSelect. I suppose you could also handle such input in a PopupVisibilityListener.

hi marko,

sometimes i cant see the tree in the woods :-). great answer, problem sovled.

kr, gerfried