No error in server.log


When an error occurred in java code for “view” it does not show in server.log (payara 5 application server).

When i run the same code (that does not work) in IntellIJ debbuger it show proper error in debug window from IntellIJ.

Error in browser:

There was an exception while trying to navigate to '' with the exception message 'WELD-000049: Unable to invoke public void si.bass.namizjeui.presentation.view.avtentikacija.V14.LoginView.init() on si.bass.namizjeui.presentation.view.avtentikacija.V14.LoginView@2167f5ee'

It is IllegalArgumentException error btw (the errors are not logged in server.log).

In V8 when an error occurred, the error was logged in server.log. Without error in server.log there is no way you could solve problems when happens in production.

Any ideas ? Is this by design ?