Nightly builds location and version numbering

What is the correct location to download nighty builds? At the moment there is and which have different builds.

The latest version in first page is
and in the latter one itmill-toolkit-
I’d assume that the latter on is the correct one? But the version number confuses me so I’d like a confirmation :roll:

Could these pages be updated so that the version numbers would match? (each other and the current situation)

The new nightly builder at has been down for a while because of some server problems. The builds at should be ok.

It seems that I have forgotten to update the version number in the old nightlies. I updated the version number and it should be 5.3.0 in the next build.

The version numbering in nightly builds can be a bit confusing, because it really shouldn’t be there. IT Mill Toolkit has an internal requirement that the builds have to have a version number of form “x.x.x”, so we can’t have nightly builds such as “itmill-toolkit-trunk-20080813.jar”. (
). Well, I suppose we could have used the “5.0.0” all the time, but it’s a bit too late now.

There’s also some inconsistency in whether the used version number should be that of the previous or the next upcoming release. The latter is probably better. It should probably be the next minor (x.x.0) release, as the new stuff in trunk doesn’t usually end up in maintenance (x.x.x) releases. Hence, it’s now 5.3.0.

Ok. The next minor release number in the nightly builds sounds logical to me also.

Thanks for the quick response.