Next steps for a noob?

I’ve found jumping from tutorial examples to practical applications isn’t all together well described in the Vaadin documentation.

I’ve read through and completed the long form tutorial for Vaadin–but this left me wanting a deeper understanding of the special compilation steps, the relationships between widgets and applications and a great deal more. Is there a learning path described in the documentation that will lead to this greater understanding? My next stop is to browse through the book of Vaadin, but this appears to be more of a reference manual than a primer on the architecture.

I’ve started to look at some of the projects in the incubator, specifically, Artur’s Solitaire and PlayingCards projects. I’m having trouble porting these to eclipse projects because the gwt-dev and gwt-user libraries provided by my eclipse plugin appear to be different from the ones that Artur used to build his projects. Does the book of Vaadin cover topics such as Eclipse project configuration?

Last there appears to be an impedence mis-match between Maven and Vaadin that appears in topics over and over in the forums. Having a robust dependency management (e.g. maven) might be a better path to distributing source than relying on plugin based build wizards which simplify but obscure the steps to creating applications. Wizards work fine for end-to-end development when you’re in control of the environment and configuration, but when you’re porting someone else’s work, as in my case, it makes it harder to understand how to resolve build issues.

Thanks for any help