newbie: can't get debug calc demo app to work

I’m a newbie and excited to lean Vaadin. I’m on page 23 of Vaadin manual, 2.3.4 Debugging the Demo Apps in Eclipse.

Item 3 says to 'Select Java Application → Vaadin Web Mode and click Debug. I don’t show a ‘Vaadin Web Mode’ I have two options:

GWT Development Mode
Vaadin Development Service

If I select the first one and then the ‘Launch Default Browser’ I get a URL of http://localhost:8888/?gwt.codesvr= and the browser says it can’t find it.

If I select the second one then I get a URL of http://localhost:8888/ and the page displays.

Also, looking at the page when it displays, I don’t see a ‘Calc’ link or ‘More Examples’

Also, the book is kinda vague on my responsiblities for GWT. I performed the Eclipse add-in and copied the distribution package with no problems. I’ve never seen a GWT install diaglog anywhere.

What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks,

There seems to be a typo in the book - but you need to start both servers.

When not using development mode, no browser plugin is needed. The GWT code has been compiled into JavaScript that is executed by the browser.

In development mode, a special GWT browser plugin connects to the GWT server (that needs to be running in addition to the HTTP server) that executes the GWT client side code on the server instead of letting it run as JavaScript. This allows server side debugging of the client side code.

Working now, many thanks! Moving on…