New Version of JDAL-Vaadin Add-on


I just released a new version 1.1.3 of
JDAL-Vaadin Add-on.
The main new features are:

  • TableButtonListeners
    : allow to easily create button actions for the PageableTable. Actions for add, remove, filter and refresh the table are provided.

  • AnnotationFieldFactory
    : A ConfigurableFieldFactory that parse JPA when creating Fields. For example, the category property of Book class have a @ManyToOne JPA annotation to Category class , so the factory will choose by default a ComboBox for Field and populate it with Categories from database.

  • PageableTable autosize option
    : Now the autogrow behavior when changing the page size is optional.

  • PageableTable Column definition
    : Added CellEditor, CellRenderer and PropertyEditor configuration properties.

I deleted the BookFilterView class from sample because, now using the AnnotationFieldFactory we can inject the filter form in the table by configuration only.

I tested old samples for compatibility issues, please if the new version break your code, fire a bug in the issue tracking i will try to resolve it quickly.

Best regards.

I’m pleased to announce the release of version 1.1.4.

This is a maintenance release and includes bug fixes and minor improvements. It should be a drop-in replacement for overlays built against 1.1.3

Best regards.