New Vaadin site and forums opening soon

Hello everyone!

I’m the webmaster for the new that we are building around the new name and brand for IT Mill Toolkit.

We are hard at work fixing the last issues before the launch. Currently the plan is to launch on
wednesday 20.5
at around 15.00 EEST. We will be closing the forums around 13.00 EEST so we can reliably move all the content to the new platform.

All posts and users will be transferred over to the new site which will be found at We will also have redirects configured for old links to the forums aswell as pointing to the right place.

Since the passwords are hashed differently on the new system we will reset all passwords and send out them via email to everyone that has a registered email-address. Please check if you have yours correctly in your Profile! If you read this message too late for changing it, no worries, just email me your forum-username and i’ll reset it for you.

The new system will also allow us to do other types of collaboration than just forum-discussions and we hope to experiment with those at a later date.

Please excuse any bumps while we upgrade, redesign and transfer things around but also feel free to give us any type of feeback about the transition, the new site and well - anything really :).

Hope to see you all as active at the new forums soon!

…Henry Hagnäs

Transfer has been completed, might be some kinks every here and there - please comment here or email me if you find something weird or ugly!


It’s working! Congratulations!

Now downloading the V6 complete release to see what’s new.

Remember to try out the eclipse-plugin too.

Yeah, I’m using it with the visual editor right now, trying to prototype some user screens. Very cool. It’s been released just in time for me! Thanks a lot!

As you can see, Visual editor is a tech preview. If you have any suggestions, please add them to

Hi guys, and congrats on the new release!

Some questions about the forum:

  • Any place to change the date format? I browsed through the settings section but found only the time zone.
  • How to tell whether a thread has been read or not (or has new posts)? If I saw right, unread threads are bolded? But why no distinctive symbols?

The forum uses Liferays default theme currently, but we’re planning on fixing that sometime soon. I would expect to see more distinctive symbols.

I dunno about the date format, though…

About the time zone. I found one entry: At the top → Settings → My Account → Display Settings → Time Zone. I don’t know over which parts it affects but you could give it a try.

That was close enough. It’s actually the language (on the same settings view) that decides the correct date format.

Huh… This isn’t really nice. I’d like to have the Finnish formats but have the site all English. Feature request? :grin:

Yes, but wrong site. =>