New Sampler nice but ...

Hi there,

Your new component sampler is nice, yes very nice, but really not convenient for developers !!

Sadly, I agree. When you want to see what’s available, having to drill down all the various paths to find out where a component is described is difficult, and even harder to scan to see elements we might be interested in but didn’t know it even existed. It’s just not right to expect someone learning about what’s available to take the time to follow all the branches, pretty as the UI seems to be.

That is, you have created a pretty UI that is not particularly functional to the user of it. Of course, this is all just my opinion!

There is a filterable sitemap under the magnifying glass (search) icon. You can get a quick overview of all the samples there and directly jump to the sample you are interested in as well as filter the categorized list.

As has already been commented elsewhere, it is not very discoverable so expect changes to make it easier to find, at least.

The Sitemap-feature isn’t as good as the old sampler’s overview as well, especially as it contains links (for example the very first one “GWT builtin”) which doesn’t lead to an useful example but throw you out of the sampler and jump towards an advertisement-page. Those must be either removed or at least it must be clear that they go outside the sampler.

But a example how to build such nicely animated views like the sampler’s navigation would be highly appreciated anyways ;).

I created
enhancement request #11388
for a visual indication on links pointing out from Sampler.

There are also some tickets related to requests for making the new Sampler easier to use (see e.g. the ideas in

I have also found the code samples to be very incomplete compared to the previous sampler. I have been going into the filtered search view and can find what I am interested in, but the resulting code fragments are very sparse (to be kind).

I agree…way over-engineered. The charts demo is very clean and the Tickets dashboard is awesome.

Is the old sampler still available?

Have to agree w/ Rich Ryan on this one. When you go, for example, to the tree component, it functions really well and shows the right-click content menu. So if one wants to see how it is done, how the action handler interface is implemented, you’d think you could go to the source and see it…

All you get there, though, is the action handler being set to ‘this’, so obviously the containing class is implementing it, but otherwise you can’t see any info about it at all…

There is also a bug in this sampler: right-click is disabled (tested in Firefox only).
I hate when Web sites or applications do that…
Not only it makes Firebug harder to use (not so much, but still), which is annoying as one would want to look how Vaadin works behind the scene, but it is also a usability problem, as some facilities provided by the browser (starting with context menu for opening the documentation links in a new tab, for example) are cut off.
These are not real obstacles for a good Web programmer or an experienced browser user, but it is still annoying, that’s why I classify it as a bug (even more if it is not intended!). :slight_smile:

Sampler for Vaadin 6

For me, I like the old one~