New project requirements

We just took on a new project for a client that is using Vaadin. We are going to implient a new UX/UI for them usin the latest Vaddin framework. I have a few general questions that I hope someone can answer.

  1. How do we determine they are running the latest version of Vaddin.
  2. I’d like to spit the work up a bit to help spped up development. Is having one team do the CSS and HTML5 markup and another team finishing up the implimentation sound like a good practice?

Any additional information on how to get up to speed on utilizing and developing with Vaddin are apprciated. This is the first time I’ll be working with Vaddin and I’m looking for advice on where to begin and what to read.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


  1. I suppose you cannot ask them directly but if you have access to the source code, check the vaadin dependencies. For example, if it’s a Maven project, look for
    in the pom.xml files.

  2. I’d say with Vaadin you don’t need much HTML5 coding if any is needed at all. You may use CSS coders if you are developing your own theme and if UX is a priority in the project (and it should be). The size of the CSS team depends on the project requirements, but I’ve seen for example teams of around 7 Java developers and one or two UX experts (managing usability, requirements, and CSS code mostly). But of course, you need to plan your project according to your specific situation.

If you are completely new to Vaadin I’d suggest following the
and reading the
while trying things out. If you have an idea of how Vaadin works, an alternative approach is to explore the
and coding the things you find interesting from there. I would also consider
Vaadin Designer
to speed up development.

If you are starting the project from zero, I’d suggest also using Spring Boot (see the
Spring Boot + Vaadin guide