New Project failure (Vaadin 7.1.6)

I have just created a project using Eclipse and Vaadin 7.1.6. Nothing special - I just created a Vaadin 7 project using mostly the defaults. When the project gets created I see that there is no web.xml file in the WebContent/WEB_INF directory, and when I build and load the project war file into a Tomcat container, I get a ‘Resource not available’ message from Tomcat. I have not seen this before, and I have other web apps built the same way with the same instance of Eclipse that work fine (and they have web.xml files). Has something changed recently? Did I miss something in setting up my project? This is fairly serious for me…



I would say Eclipse failed when you created the project. Is it failing any time you create a new project?

I have created regular Java Projects without any problem in the past few days. This is the first new Vaadin web project I’ve created in a while.
I’m running Eclipse version Kepler, service release 1 with the Vaadin plugin marked


For what it is worth, I copied a web.xml from another project into my new project, changed a couple of names, and it almost works… The program now loads in Tomcat, but the tomcat catalina.out file is complaining about org.atmosphere.cpr.AtomsphereFramework - mapping it, adding handlers etc. This doesn’t happen with my other programs built the same way. But the program does seem to be starting to run…

I think you are correct - Eclipse may be screwed up here - but I’m not sure how to go about finding the problem or fixing it…


FWIW: I am having a very similar situation except u r luckier than me in that you get complaints from either Tomcat or Eclipse itself. I get no complaints whatever anywhere.

The project will not deploy.

Eclipse does not think my project is a Vaadin project even though I imported the project from a previously runniing Eclipse project. Very odd.

And, if I manually deploy the .war to Tomcat it runs with a blank page or a: Not Found (404?).

I just tried creating a project with Vaadin 7.2, using Servlet 3.0. Built the default project with Eclipse. The war file does not have a web.xml file. Documentation seems to imply that this is ok if you use the servlet annotation (which the example program does). When I deploy the war file I get 404 error messages from my Apache/Tomcat server - Can’t find the application.

I downgraded the project to use Servlet 2.4 instead of 3.0. Now the servlet notation is gone from the example project, there is a web.xml file in the .war file, and the Apache/Tomcat server finds the application when I open the URL.

Is there some other configuration I need to do to get the Servlet 3.0 option to work? Some missing config file that Eclipse needs to add or I have to put in manually?



An old post, but in case someone else runs into this: This is probably because older versions of application servers do not support Servlet 3.0 specification, so a web.xml is needed. Tomcat 7 (use a recent version), Jetty 8, GlassFish 3 etc. do support Servlet 3.0.