New License Checker

With 23.2.0 all our CI Builds fail because we cannot do a production build without a license key.

What’s the idea on CI servers? Add a random user proKey or is there a way to generate a proKey for the CI server or to pass the key in for example the Jenkinsfile

Either a random proKey or then a server key from

And is it possible to pass it with the build or do I have to copy it on the server. This could be an issue as I don’t have access to these servers or it’s in a Docker image

mvn -Dvaadin.proKey=loremipsum (your arguments)

I hope nobody will add their proKey to the public GitHub repo

Because for GitHub actions I will need to create a secret containing the key

otherwise it will be plain text in the yaml

Can also be passed as environment variable VAADIN_PRO_KEY

That’s the best option in a CI env

Can this be added to the documentation please?

There is only home dir or System property: Running Tests on a CI Server | Browser-based Testing | Testing | Vaadin Docs

I’ve created an issue Add environment variable VAADIN_PRO_KEY as a way to specify the license key to the documentation · Issue #1698 · vaadin/docs · GitHub