New Component Styling

Hi all,

I am trying to create a custom component and am currently struggling with the styling of it.

I want to create a template which I can reuse afterwards. I could use CustomLayout but the point is that on its top an undefined number of commands needs to be inserted. So I tried using GridLayout. The first downside of it is that I cannot set an overall size for the component and then via expandratios for rows and cols define the size for each part of the component. It is simply not displayed. In order to get each part displayed I need to specify on the server side via setWidth() and setHeight() the size in pixels for each part.

This is somehow clumsy and not scalable. I would ideally create a GridLayout with an overall size being defined for its given purpose and then let each of its part’s size fixed according to expandratios. Why can’t this work? Is there anything on the css side which I can do to attain that?

Many thanks for your attention.