New app wizard fails at first deploy [Websphere Liberty]


I’ve downloaded the following installs and packages with default setup.

  • IntelliJ Ultimate
  • JDK8
  • Websphere Liberty Profile
  • Vaadin full zip

I’ve configured them according to the Vaadin book and tried to create a new sample app using the tutorials and guides. I get a generated project structure and the Liberty WAS starts up fine.

However, when I try to run (or debug) app I get the following error message:

 CWWKE0001I: The server liberty-oscar has been launched.
 CWWKZ0058I: Monitoring dropins for applications.
 CWWKZ0014W: The application IncidentTriggerDemo_war_exploded could not be started as it could not be found at location C:\Users\IBM_ADMIN\IdeaProjects\IncidentTriggerDemo\out\artifacts\IncidentTriggerDemo_war_exploded.
 CWWKZ0106E: Could not start web application VaadinDemo_war_exploded.
 CWWKZ0002E: An exception occurred while starting the application VaadinDemo_war_exploded. The exception message was:$ParseException: CWWKC2262E: The version 3.1 does not match the namespace in the /WEB-INF/web.xml deployment descriptor.

“CWWKC2262E: The version 3.1 does not match the namespace” ?
Also, here is the web.xml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<web-app xmlns=""

Anyone know where I should start with this? It’s all default settings as per instructions from Vaadin book.