netbeans vaadin jasperreports

Is anyone has experience with using netbeans to create vaadin webapp and do the following?

  1. user click a button
  2. user’s printer print a report without any printer dialog

requirement : the report must be from .jasper file (not necessary to have data pulled from database, static content is enough), the printing resource preferably is jasperprint

please explain how do I do it?


I am willing to offer US$ 100 if you can email me

  1. a netbeans project
  2. a vaadin webapp
  3. a .jasper file
  4. coding filling jasper file and produce jasperprint or others (need to discuss with me first)
  5. user click a button in their web browser (preferably firefox)
  6. user’s printer print a report from the jasperprint or others without showing any printer dialog

for package name please use org.myjasper.myprinting

Thank you very much for reading my post.

Hello Adam,

printing from ANY web application is NOT possible without the printer dialog.
This is for security reasons.


Thank you for your reply.

How about passing resource to applet for printing without printer dialog?

This might perhaps work, but then you will need java on each client which needs to print…