Netbeans support for newer Vaadin versions

I’ve been using Netbeans with the Vaadin plugin for some years now and I’m pretty happy with the combination. I’ve even stayed on 8.2 just for that.
With the support for Vaadin 8 (which I assume a lot of people are still using) ending at the beginning of 2022 is there a plan to update the plugin to support newer Vaadin and Netbeans versions? Most people using Netbeans would probably be on Vaadin 8 so this would affect all of us.
I know Eclipse is more popular but Netbeans is a great platform and lots of developers are using it. I’m not expecting Designer to be ported but updating the plugin shouldn’t be too much work.

The Vaadin plugin for Netbeans is a community effort. The plans for the plugin is thus in the community’s hand.

Plugins for Eclipse and IntelliJ have also become less important, with the exception of Designer specifically. All that is needed is available by either

  1. running the Application class
  2. by using the Maven panel to run predefined goals or
  3. by generating projects at

Most IDE plugin features are using these under the hood.

Which features would you want to see in a Netbeans-Vaadin plugin to be able to jump on top of Vaadin 14?

Well the idea of having the plugin is not needing to deal with any of that. You just start a project and everything is ready. Not having to bother with Maven, compiler options, framework update checks etc is very convenient.
I guess that since the Eclipse plugin is now considered less important, we’ll never see an updated Netbeans plugin. That’s a shame.