NetBeans 8 beta sees only plugin version 1.1.0 instead of 1.1.1.

The current (downloaded today)
NetBeans 8 Beta
build 201401141042 > Tools > Plugins finds the Vaadin plugin, but it finds version



Meanwhile, on the NetBeans Plugins web site:

…the “NetBeans 8.0” tab lists the maintenance release,



So what gives? How does the plugin-installation process work? Is there some way to get the Plugins dialog updated? Or some other workaround besides manually downloading and installing by hand?

As you can see on the page here :
the latest 1.1.1 plugin version is in verification pending state.
I believe it will be available via IDE Update Center after this verification.

So you are right. Currenly 1.1.0 version is available via IDE plugins dialog.
So the only way to install 1.1.1 version now is manual downloading it from the link above and installing downloaded file via
plugins dialog.

@Denis Anisimov – Thank you for the explanation.

No, I didn’t see the “Verification Pending” flag. It is just out of view, a bit below the bottom of the text box. That web page could be better designed to make this more obvious.

For those who need to know how to install the plugin manually, the process is very easy. No hacks.

  1. Download the
    file from the
    page for Vaadin Plugin
  2. In NetBeans 6, 7, or 8, choos
  3. In the
    panel, click the
  4. Click the
    Add Plugins…
  5. In the file picker dialog, find and select the downloaded
  6. Click the Install button in lower left corner.

The image-embedding feature of this message editor does not work for me, so here’s the direct link to
a screen shot image

I got this info from:

Well, if you haven’t seen this page
then it could be useful as well.
It contains the short description of the steps to install the plugin and plugin functionality description.

Thanks to Denis Anisimov. I downloaded and manually installed the Vaadin plugin 1.1.1 into NetBeans 8 Beta on Java 8 beta 129 on Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Followed those linked instructions. Been running smoothly for weeks.