netbeans 8 and lib folder

Hello, I am an old Vaadin user
Started with netbeans, then eclipse (for years) and I am moving to netbeans again…

I installed vaadin addon for netbeans 8.0.1,
created a new project for Vaadin 7 and I need to include some external .jar(s) in the project.
I don’t see the WEB-INF/lib directory, and even if I create it and copy my .jars the project doesn’t seems to recognize it.
also I can’t find inside the project properties how to inport external .jars
I suppose that it is something simple I am missing, but I can’t find it.

could please someone give me a hint?

Yorgos Tryfon

when creating a VAADIN project with netbeans plugin → you create a maven project .
so … you need to edit the pom file and compile your project …
see …

Yes, the netbeans support is based on maven builds so the stuff in WEB-INF/lib is built dynamically during the build, based on what dependencies you have defined in your projects pom.xml. Its really handy when you figure out the basics, and NetBeans has awesome helpers to support maven builds.


I understand…
thank you

i found this great blog … may you find it usefull …