NetBeans 8.0 and Tomcat 8.0: where is my web.xml file ?

Hi all,

I developed an application and now I’d like to deploy on a Tomcat server.
Well, where is the file web.xml ?
Working with Netbeans everything is easy :slight_smile:
Any sugestion ?
Moreover, I’d need to add a Filter to my application so I really need web.xml file :slight_smile:
In my project I can only see a context.xml file.
I am using Tomcat 8.0 and Vaadin 7.1.2.


Normally @WebServlet annotation on a nested class in the UI is used instead of web.xml - the archetype assumes that the server supports Servlet 3.0 specification. It should be possible to configure filters with additional annotations - see e.g.
JEE 6 tutorial on filters

However, it is also still possible to use a web.xml instead of the @WebServlet annotation if you want.