Nested layouts and spring boot


how is it possible to use nested layouts in a vaadin application with spring boot? I tried, but it’s only okay if i’m not using spring boot. Even @Route(value = “”, layout = LayoutWithMenuBar.class, absolute = false) doesn’t went. I tried to use @UIScope but no effect.

Thanks in advance,

Here the code parts:


@Theme(value = Lumo.class, variant = Lumo.LIGHT)
public class MainLayout extends Composite<Div> implements RouterLayout, LocaleChangeObserver  {

	private final Div content = new Div();


public class AdministrationMenuLayout extends Composite<Div> implements RouterLayout, LocaleChangeObserver{

	private Div content = new Div();
		VerticalLayout pagecontent = new VerticalLayout(content);
        HorizontalLayout page = new HorizontalLayout(menu, pagecontent);


// Only AdministrationView content in browser:
@Route(value = AdministrationView.ROUTE)

// AdministrationView content under AdministrationMenuLayout content (in body?):
@Route(value = AdministrationView.ROUTE, layout = AdministrationMenuLayout.class)

public class AdministrationView extends Composite<Div> {
	public static final String ROUTE = "administration";