Nested FormLayouts not working

I’ve two FormLayouts 1. Parent 2.Child. The fields inside Parent are showing as expected whereas the child form layouts fields are showing in vertical like this. Not sure why the child id behaving like this. What am I doing wrong here?


        formLayout.add(leadSourceComboBox, 1);
        formLayout.add(customerSegmentComboBox, 1);
        formLayout.add(industryTypeComboBox, 1);
        formLayout.add(notesTextArea, 3);


here the addressform is another formlayout

which I referred as child

Addressform only occupies one colspan like all other fields.

I see. So, here it treats this addressform just as another field ? Child is also another form layout so why why it is showing all fields vertically

Because of the space restrictions :wink: if the addressform is two colspan wide, there could be two fields per row as well