Need help with timeZone converter for dateTimeField

I found a way to convert the timezones using this DateTimeField.setValue(; but I would like to know is there a way to display prefered timezone to the user but in the backend I want to access the original value before I did the conversion. If I use the above method, when I access the datefiled value it is the converted value. So, I again needed to convert it to store in database, which I dont want. Thanks in advance.

Your case is a good example of use case, where you probably do not want to use database entity directly in UI, but DTO instead. In your case it is inevitable to convert the date in both directions, and store standard time in database. Then one natural option is that in your model you construct intermediate object, a DTO, which you use in your UI, which has localized date.

Thank you for the reply. That makes complete sense. But I have one more small doubt. Is there a method to show different value than the original. For suppose if there is value 12/12/2017, I want to show 1/1/2018 but the actual value in the date field is 12/12/2017 only and I need to get 12/12/2017 when I write getValue method on this object.