need help in Layout

I need help in making layout similar to

so do i make a new style.css and add parent window to be of 760px wide

but if i try that then nothing happens parent window still covers complete background … i am totally lost can anyone pint me to any sample application or any guidelines from where i can start my work

Probably a Combination of the Two;

Tutorial - Layout
would probably be of help.
Also check out the book of

Hope these Helps

Using a CustomLayout as the root layout for the application is also a valid approach, gives you much control for the base layout.

The application background color is specified for the .v-generated-body element (the page BODY), which isn’t affected by the main window width.

i solved that by setting size inside vaadin

VerticalLayout mainLayout = new VerticalLayout();

Dont know why i need to set both window as well as layout height and width … why cant setting size of window and just setting layout to sizefull should not work ?

the most usual case is that you want to have window size as 100% and the layouts size as undefined. This does so that the window is “fullscreen” but the layout goes larger that the window when there is enough content. That again produces a scrollbar to the window which is often desired. With 100% layout the content would just be cut off as window and layout would be of same size. Also if there is less than a pageworth of data, the components would be evenly spread out if layout height is 100%, because it would try to use all the space given to it.