Need help compiling widgetset with ant

I am using Vaadin 7.6.4 with addons ckeditor and popupButton. Compiling widgetset with ant task succeeds but output indicates a compilation error (see attached). Afterwards ckeditor works fine but PopupButton does not (appears as a simple button). The latter used to work, but tends to get broken sometimes when I upgrade Vaadin version.

  • any hints as to what could be wrong, from output?
  • does anyone have a recent, proven ant task for compiling widgetset?
    24804.txt (47 KB)

The name of your “application widgetset” seems to be exactly the same as the one from PopupButton add-on. I think you should rename that into something unique. So you probably have a file org/vaadin/hene/popupbutton/widgetset/PopupButtonWidgetset.gwt.xml. I’d rename that into your/app/AppWidgetset.gwt.xml, where your/app is your apps package. Alternative you could put it to “root package” as well. The AppWidgetset.gwt.xml file should then have inherits rules, to PopupButton and ckeditor, but I guess they are already in.

You probably need to adjust your ant script accordingly as well


Thank you very much. I will review this and try to grasp the process better. In the meantime I replaced PopupButton with Vaadin’s MenuBar, which actually works ok in this case.