Need help building a rather complicated table

Hello there.

I am trying to build a table that has 10 columns, 3 of which should be buttons (or something similar). These buttons need to be enabled/disabled based on data within the column. If the button is pressed, a modal dialog needs to appear where additional data must be entered and said data needs to be returned into the table model.

The first problem I am encountering is that I can only add fields to my table based on the fact that I am using a FactoryBuilder. I am not married to the idea of a FactoryBuilder, it is just the route I chose in the beginning. I would be very happy to rebuild this table in another fashion if that would help, maybe just a simply array of Objects?

This table is ever changing based on selections made elsewhere in the screen. Likewise, it can be rather large, containing around 1000 rows. To further complicate things, when a row is selected other screen elements are updated with table data or additional database pulls. The table currently consists of TextFields and labels, and hopefully soon with buttons.

I am intentionally trying to keep my description simple, hoping to be pointed towards and example or two of some reasonably complicated tables. Any help in this area would be immensely appreciated.

Thanks in advance