​Need advice on making UI with Vaadin 8.1

I’m new to Vaadin and I need some advice on making a new UI component and I’m not sure what to do. I’m trying to build a UI where people can drag and drop days off from a pool of available days off.

The UI will be a Horizontal view, where the upper component will be draggable Panels representing days off, simple boxes, and the lower will be a grid view of users and the days of the work period. So I’ll have a row column which will be all the days in a two week span (14 columns), followed by all users as rows. The admin then can drag days off from the upper UI onto the User in the grid and on the day to get off. I’ll need to check

Basically should I reuse the Grid component and new CompnentRenderer and play around with Drag and Drop on the rows and cells. Or should I make my own Component and make a Widget out of it. The old Calendar Component was almost exactly what I needed but is not available and I want to take advantage of Java 8 and Spring 4, so version 7 is not an option.

I’ll be using version 8.1 (starting with alpha) since it has support for everything I need.

Hi, I wouldn’t use Grid for that. I would probably use CssLayout instead. For the actual d&d api, take a look at https://vaadin.com/docs/-/part/framework/advanced/advanced-dragndrop.html