Navigator7 HeaderFooterFixedAppLevelWindow Initial Page content?

I’m using Navigator7 (7.49) with Vaadin 6.7.4 and have configured the NavigableAppLevelWindow to use HeaderFooterFixedAppLevelWindow based on the BasicUsage example (

I’ve registerd Pages and can navigate to them directly or through Links in the application.

My question however is this:

When (a user) initially goes to the application URL (in my case will be the ROOT application) eg, all that is displayed is the Header and Footer. Without knowing/specifying any page URLS, how would I display an initial page?

Once a user clicks on a link to a Page, everything works fine. If they manually enter an incorrect URL in the address bar, they get the error message and then the first pages registerd in registerPages(new Class {… is displayed. if I use ?restartApplication parameter, again I get the Header/Footer with no “initial” page

Am I missing something or doing something incorrectly.


I’ve resolved this.

Turns out that I had incorrectly overridden

public void transactionStart(Application application, Object transactionData) in my NavigableApplication implementation!