Navigator7 forward breaked


First of all i’m sorry for my rusty english.

I’'m trying to forward users to an other page with navigator7,
it work like a charm with vaadin 6.7.8, but now i’m using vaadin 6.8.8
the target pages are empty.

(if i type the url by myself ( the same ) it work)

Simple example :

Navigator nav = ThisNavigableApp.getCurrentNavigableAppLevelWindow().getNavigator();
nav.navigateTo(new PageResource(ErrorPage.class,"2"));

Can anyone help me please?

re Hi,

after some tests i can add some precisions :

  • the forward i tried is in the constructor, for a verification of the user.Role, i thing it is the problem : @Page annoted constructor never ended (but i 'm pretty sure that worked in pref versions).
  • if the forward is in a OnClick() button it work fine.

-looking for a solution-