Navigator7 : cache of pages


I’d like to implement a cache for pages so the user gets the same page instance when he enters a given URL.
Think of search parameters, then goes to a found item, then comes back to the search parameters to refine them.
It would be nice if the user gets his search parameters back and not a blank form.

I’d like to implement that with interceptors (Navigator.registerInterceptors() ) but found it’s not really usable for that use-case.

  1. Has anybody already implemenred something like that?
  2. Is it the “good” way to implement it?
  3. What about enhancing the interceptor API to be able to implement that functinnality?

The idea would be to be able to stop the interceptor chain by setting a pageInstance in the PageInvocation, but there is no setter.
Any objection?

Thanks, Jean-Eric Cuendet