Navigator: url parameters are cut in error view


I just have observed the following:

You specify an ErrorView (or ErrorViewProvider) to the Navigator (e.g. “errorview”)
You want to Navigate to an unknown view and also pass parameters (e.g. #!view/parameter)
Now the navigator cuts away a part of the parameters equally to the length of the errorview name, so the result would be:

The relevant lines of code responsible for this are in the Navigator Class:

if (viewWithLongestName != null) {
    String parameters = "";
    if (navigationState.length() > longestViewName.length() + 1) {
        parameters = navigationState.substring(longestViewName.length() + 1);
    navigateTo(viewWithLongestName, longestViewName, parameters);

Is there a way to circumvent this? Or should I file a bug?

Thank you!