Navigator issue

I have an application with a MainView with a side bar that has menu items to select other views to appear in the content frame of the navigator. If I am in the application and stay in the application it works fine. But if I go to another web page, like or something then go back the application using the URL the content area will just be blank. The side bar that is there. And when I click on the menu items the content will still remain blank. The button click for the menu item just checks if the view is the current view and if not calls navigateTo(newView). I can see in the log that menu item was clicked and the url fragment changes in the browser. If I log out and log back it the issue clears up.

I am using Vaadin 7.2.6. The issue in Firefox and IE. I haven’t tried other browsers.

Any ideas why it might behave like this?

I think what was happening here is that I was adding the main component that had the side bar and view content area twice to the content of the UI when I browsed to some other web site and came back via the url. If I just refreshed it didn’t add it twice. To fix it I just removed all components from the content of the UI before adding main component into it.