Hi all,

got a pretty basic question but the book of vaadin does not cover this part: how is navigation handled within vaadin? In terms of having several “Pages” (= Java Classes), each representing a page and switching from page to page…

I know, I could create one large application and simply clear/replace the main window contents but is there an example or best practice on vaadin navigation? I simply want to create Page A and Jump to Page B (no Back button support etc. required…)

Anyone who can help?

Thanx in advance, Florian!

I think that building one application is actually the Vaadin way. You can build your pages for example by different java classes which extend
and then add one of these to your main window (
to show your page

Regards, Thorsten

There are at least a couple of add-ons in the add-on Directory that provide such boilerplate view handling. AppFoundation, Navigator and Navigator7 come to mind at least.

Do you found your answer… I need the same!!!