Navigation with browser button ( back - forward ), keep previous state

Hi all,

We downloaded the v10-full-stack-spring app ( ) to start our development,

I have one question concerning the navigation.

In the app, on the “home page” ( http://localhost:8080/ ), it’s possible to fill some datas on a form to search orders, result list is updated

After that, I navigate to users page ( http://localhost:8080/users )

If I return to the previous page, using the back button of the browser, I lost the information previously filled in the panel

Is there a way to “return to the previous state” of the component using back and forward button ?

I know it’s browser behavior, but could it be possible to share a “full little sample” of how you would handle it.

There is some informations on this page , but I must admit that it remains a little obscure for me :wink:

Kind regards,

After reading these threads, it seems that we have to manage it “manually”