Navigation for Vaadin Book


Is it possible to have chapter navigation menu for the Vaadin book?
It’s very difficult to navigate through the book.


Hi Jason,

I’m guessing you are reading the PDF-version of the book? Yes, we should add the PDF-chapter support somehow. I will talk to our technical writer about it. In the meantime you could read the book online, there we have pretty nice chapter-navigation and other bells and whistles.

Hope that helps in the mean time!


I you download the free FoxIt Reader v3, you can add and save bookmarks in your PDF easily. I did it for the chapters and sections I refer to often.

The book PDF is autogenerated from DocBook with tool called XEP. IMO hand-editing bookmarks is not an options, but I guess that we could somehow enable automatic bookmarking support in XEP.

Here is a pointer:

This might require some minor tuning to our DocBook to FO XLST.

I created a ticket for this:

Very good point! PDF bookmarks are now enabled, see

Navigation wasn’t so difficult earlier either, as the entries in the Table of Contents are actually links that you can click to get where you want. Some PDF viewers might not support PDF links though (Acrobat Reader and KPDF do).

Awesome Marko, you rock :slight_smile:

Luckily, Docbook already supports the XEP FO extensions, so it was just a matter of enabling the XEP extensions.

Otherwise, modifying the FO output in the Docbook XSLT is usually not so trivial.