Navigation Error when upgrade from spring boot start 1.0.1 to 1.1.1


we have a Vaadin ui with Navigation. Now we wan’t to upgrade from 1.0.1 to 1.1.1 which upgrades the spring version too. But this upgrade of spring makes some troubles in the Vaadin UI.
The Navigation is not longer working and the error

Communication problem Take note of any unsaved data, and…

is displayed at the top of the page.

Output of Browser console:

Thu Feb 16 09:16:33 GMT+100 2017 com.vaadin.client.communication.MessageHandler
SEVERE: Response didn’t contain a server id. Please verify that the server is up-to-date and that the response data has not been modified in transmission.

Thu Feb 16 09:16:33 GMT+100 2017 com.vaadin.client.communication.MessageSender
SEVERE: No active request

Thu Feb 16 09:16:35 GMT+100 2017 com.vaadin.client.communication.ServerRpcQueue
WARNING: Trying to invoke method on not yet started or stopped application

The output of the Java-Conosole unsuspicious IMO.

Any ideas on that?