Navigation, component re-use, views. Oh my.

As everyone seems to say: I am relatively new to Vaadin. I’m using Vaadin 7 on the NetBeans 8.0 IDE. Also utilizing Vaadin CDI.
I am developing an application with the somewhat standard layout of a header (pretty static content here - images mostly), and an initial login panel. When the user successfully logs in, I want to present a view with the same header, a table in the left-hand side of the screen (for navigation purposes) and a content panel. This all sounds pretty vanilla, and I’ve got that part of the application done, using views and a navigator based on a sample application that I found in the Book of Vaadin (sec. 11.9). Here’s where I’m getting a little lost. The example app uses navigation to display different content in the panel, but what I want do then use that content further. When the user selects an item from the table on the left, the content panel then displays some data, with options to select, delete, view, etc., and then based on these actions I want to present, in the same panel, new content, with new components, that reflect the selections and edits made, and which presents more options to add/delete/edit the data, with those changes then will be presented in a new view (in the same panel) with, again, more components that will finalize/save/notify the user and the server that the process is completed. And of course I need forward and back buttons to be able to modify previous entries, etc.
So, realizing that this is something that has probably been done by everyone reading this forum, I’m looking for suggestions on how to handle the navigation. My initial thought was to have each view be a class, but then I’m confused as to how to make each view utilize the same content panel in the main view. It’s probably something simple, but I haven’t found it yet. I did see something about using an HTML template and positing components in a named

section, but I’d like to do everything in java because I would like to do this in an MVP type of architecture and I’m not sure that binding my view to a static html template is the way to go.
Thanks. I know this may not be real clear, but being a novice, I’m not really sure of the questions I need to ask. Look forward to the discussion and resulting enlightenment.