Navigation bar listeners

Hello, my English is bad, so I apologize in advance. My problem is the following. I can’t figure out how to add a listener for the navigation bar. I tried to do this when creating tabs, tabs, routelink and nothing works. I couldn’t figure out how to add a listener to the navigation bar. Could you help me or suggest materials to fill the gaps in my knowledge, Thank you
I’m sorry if this discussion already existed or the answer to my question was in your documentation, I read everything I think and still could not solve the problem

could you describe what you’re trying to do?

A simple dorm web application. I am training with spring and your framework. I’m using layout, but I can’t set up routing because I don’t understand how to do it at all

Setting the routing of this navigation element is not clear to me. Which listener should be and which of the components of this element I need to listen

You can find all information here

The URL to be used for the Route / Views is defined in the @Route Annotation you have added